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Golf, business, and wellness. A winning combination.


"Golf was not invented with business in mind but as pure recreation. If, however, you were asked
to devise a game tailored for business purposes, it would look pretty much like golf today."


Russ Gorman at the Miller Coors
Indoor Employee Golf Facility

“60% of the people I teach are brand new to the game.
They have never
swung a club or hit a ball in their life.
Russ Gorman, Founder

Who We Are

• Ontal Corporate Golf Wellness "CGW" is a company of golf specialists that connect with your employees (male & female) through golf instruction on-site at your location. What began as a popular employee perk in the 1990s, has evolved into a healthy activity that also compliments your company's wellness initiatives today.

What We Do

• We teach and promote a healthy activity that can be  enjoyed for a lifetime with family and friends and to build business relationships.

• CGW teaches a unique "beginner and novice friendly" program based on solid fundamentals. We simplify the learning experience and can help all levels of golfers to improve, but introducing new golfers and helping to grow the game is the most rewarding for us.

 We provide private or group lessons indoors at your company's location. If available space is an issue (although we need very little and we're portable), we can partner with local health and fitness clubs.

We attract employees who

• Never had the time to learn how to golf.
• Thought the process to get started was too difficult
   and that lessons were too expensive.
• Did not know how to contact a golf pro for lessons.
• Did not want to drive somewhere after work to
   take lessons.


       Our Track Record

• For over 20 years Russ Gorman & his instructors have taught over 25,000 employees that wanted to learn to play or improve their games at: Miller Coors, SC Johnson, Briggs and Stratton, Northwestern Mutual, Quad Graphics, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, & many others.

                           Our Goal

• 100% student satisfaction at an affordable price.
• 0% students quitting the game.

There's no extra work for you!
We bring the teaching right into your company, providing maximum visibility and value
to your employees and company's health, wellness and fitness initiatives.

The employee pays the instructor directly. **No company funds are required
 (unless your company decides to subsidize the lessons and expand the facilities)

• Scheduling of lessons is done on-line through our web site.
The employee schedules their own lessons with the instructor.

• We provide all the necessary items for your site to get started.

What else can we do for you?
We're your one-stop sports apparel and everything golf shop

Ontal Custom Golf and Sports Apparel creates top of the line apparel and accessories personalized your way, here in the USA. What sets Ontal apart is our innovative design technology, which allows you to custom build your pattern, style, SIZE, colors, graphics, logos, and messages for yourself, teams, groups, and events (no minimum quantities). Ontal prints the fabric, computer cuts it, and sews it all with the highest quality assurance. Our “personal touch” approach to creating apparel and accessories is unique in the industry. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Ontal can fulfill orders faster than companies with manufacturing facilities oversees.

• Our collegiate-ware is popular with your university's alumni and special events. Click here to see why.

• We sell brand name logoed apparel (shirts, jackets, uniforms, etc.) and accessories for your employees, students and alumni, golf outings, special events and more, at BIG SAVINGS.
• We're golf outing specialists. For unique fundraising & sponsorship ideas Contact ME.

• We teach how-to Turn Golf Into Business and capitalize on the power of golf and powerful golf / business connection to maximize your business success.

• Basically everything else golf related: Name Brand Equipment from Leading Manufacturers, Demo days, Clinics, Golf / Business Seminars.

This great recent article tells the whole story



In a recent Fortune magazine, the PGA TOUR had an article about golf in the business world. They stated that, "Golf was not invented with business in mind but as pure recreation. If, however, you were asked to devise a game tailored for business purposes, it would look pretty much like golf today. In an age in which minutes have become precious, golf gives people the ability to spend hours in the company of playing partners that could be clients, prospects, co-workers, or maybe a competitor who just might turn out to be a valuable partner, a potential merger or an acquisition. You never know.”

What do these all have in common?
• Opening doors
• Creating rapport

• Building relationships
• Team building


They are essential skills required to be successful in today’s competitive global business environment.  Golf has long been recognized as an ideal bonding, connection and team-building activity for business professionals to spend valuable time together, in a comfortable and relaxed setting. More than ever it's important for business men and women to learn the game and capitalize on the power and popularity of golf. It’s especially important if they interact with other employees, customers, investors or the public as in sales, marketing, public relations or in a management or executive capacity.

Every day at Corporate Golf Wellness we teach valuable golf skills to employees who need or want to learn the game for business uses. A key reason why many of our corporate customers want to introduce beginners to the game and improve the skills of novice golfers, is so they can better represent their company at golf functions, build camaraderie with co-workers, or play in the company golf league (if there is one). Creating rapport and building meaningful relationships, along with strategizing and decision-making: These are part and parcel of both golf and business. Other benefits that golf can bring to your company are opening doors for company growth, networking and building long-term business opportunities. Certain jobs require expertise in building corporate relationships, team-building skills, and a talent for promoting the company image and philosophy. Once again, golf is the ideal venue.

The PGA TOUR also said that golf reveals character, the foundation upon which much of business rests. The game provides an opportunity to get an in-depth look at people who one day might become partners, vendors, customers, or maybe even your next boss. Golf's attributes: integrity, hard work, perseverance and problem solving, are consistent with what companies try to create in their own organizations.

We teach simple “beginner oriented” golf fundamentals, rules, etiquette and terminology to individuals or small groups right at your workplace, so it now becomes a valuable corporate training class. Our main job at Corporate Golf Wellness is to teach your key employees who haven’t had the opportunity to learn the game or whose abilities need improvement. Golf is also a special sport that gives women professionals a unique opportunity to stand on a common ground with their male counterparts.

From a human resources point of view, offering golf as an “employee perk” provides a competitive advantage for recruiting, retention and overall employee satisfaction.
For your employees, golf is a “wellness” activity that can be played and enjoyed with family, friends, workmates, and others for a lifetime. Golf, business and wellness. Now that’s a winning combination.

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