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Aerial Photography with Remote Sensing Technologies


Golf Course Superintendents

...can now have a bird's eye view of their properties, with a new set of user-friendly tools to maximize playing conditions plus satisfy BMPs, sustainability and environmental requirements. Each picture provides valuable information to help prioritize maintenance needs and direct workforces to priority areas, displayed on cell phones or tablets.

                                             The pictures tell the story
♦ Identify early warning signs of key problems: plant health issues, nutrient deficiencies, moisture stress, distressed vegetation, diseased / dead trees, cart wear, poor drainage, infrastructure issues and more.

♦ Monitor irrigation needs, efficiently direct irrigation, nutrients, pesticides and fungicides.

Services include
Eye-catching high-definition aerial video and photography
To-scale high definition orthophoto
Detailed maps of distressed turf
Accurate 3-D maps
Hillshade maps
Tree shade analysis
Fairway and green slope and aspect




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