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Golf Course Superintendents,
Directors of Agronomy and Maintenance

Imagine that you could fly, like a Superman or Superwoman

You would have a birdís eye view of your property
 and could use your X-Ray vision to easily and cost effectively

Maximize playing conditions and the overall wellness of your course.
♦ Direct workforces to priority areas
 ♦ Prioritize BMP maintenance needs
♦ Train your current and future staff members
♦ Direct irrigation to where it's needed
♦ Identify poor drainage areas and cart wear
♦ Satisfy sustainability and environmental needs

Planned for
later in 2022
♦ Identify plant health issues

 ♦ Discover tree damage done by invasive insects and other pests

(see pictures below)

DRONE & SATELLITE Aerial Photography
Let their pictures and videos tell the story

Services available
Eye-catching high-definition aerial video and photography of your entire property
Focus on key holes and areas for marketing and promotional use
Training and Professional Services Expertise

Planned for later in 2022
Remote Sensing Technology
To-scale high definition ortho-photo
Detailed maps of distressed turf
Accurate 3-D maps
Hillshade maps
Tree shade analysis
Fairway and green slope and aspect

If you think the cost of adding todayís user-friendly Hi-Tech tools to assist you and your workforce in doing your jobs faster, safer and better is prohibitive, itís time to think again!

Itís actually VERY AFFORDABLE, ADDS EXTREME VALUE, and SAVES TIME, ENERGY and $$, especially as compared to todayís low-tech ways of using your workforce to identify key problems that the eye canít see or do maintenance on your property in areas they canít easily access.

The Future of Golf Course Sustainability is here
Embrace it




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