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I had a out of control slicing problem in the early 1990s.

The power fade which served me well for 25 years had turned into an out-of-control slice. When I couldn't fix it with anything I tried, including my first golf lesson ever,
I fixed it BY MYSELF ...and so can you!

Let's face it, we're all busy and lessons take a commitment in both time and money. That's why my teach yourself methodology may be the answer you've been looking for. I know it was for ME.

After watching golf tournaments on TV, reading golf tips, watching golf lessons and reading numerous articles from pros in the leading golf publications
I had many frequently asked questions (I'm sure you do too). There were plenty of viable options to choose from or so I thought, because there are dozens of books and teaching aids available from golf’’s best players and instructors. Believe ME, there's no lack of information or gadgets available on the market. In my case I knew I wasn’t getting the club square at impact. The overwhelming majority of information I read and viewed described squaring the club as “the natural result” of good swing mechanics and fundamentals. My reply, THERE’S NOTHING NATURAL ABOUT IT.

Also, my limited time practicing at the driving range was self-defeating because I didn’t know what to practice, to hit the ball straight or with a draw and under control. I already had a good grip, athletic set-up and a compact swing that worked well for over 30 years. What I really needed were a few simple swing thoughts, with specific ball striking drills I could practice and remember. It was important for ME to quickly see and feel results, so during a round I felt confident I could execute on demand. More importantly, I wasn’t receptive to making changes to my swing. Asking me to think about keeping my swing “on plane”, made things more confusing.


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