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Created for amateurs, by a fellow amateur
that lives in your shoes everyday





Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE of Golf was designed by ME, a fellow amateur, as I desperately searched for a way to regain my lost distance, improve my ball striking and solve these problems without an overhaul to my simple and effective golf swing that served me well for 25 years.


Great ball strikers use their
hands, wrists and forearms
for effortless power and control

...whether they know it or want to admit it

The truth be told... The best way to get really good at something, is to copy a pro. Do what they do. This is the portion of a pro's swing you need to copy. The results will speak for themselves.

Discover (as I did) how pros maximize the true source of power and control that comes from the correct use of the hands, wrists and forearms.

A common denominator that exists with all the best players is how they have the ability to square the club and put it in the power hitting position
at impact, on every shot.

"There is a lot of confusion over use of the hands in the golf swing. Ironically, most players don't use their hands enough, especially their dominant hand.

Hand use has traditionally been discouraged. Rather than recognizing that what most struggling players do with their hands is hitting up, the answer is to encourage hitting down with your hands".

The Role of the Hands in the Golf Swing

A video from the Hit Down Dammit! Golf Instruction

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By Clive Scarff
Author & Teaching Professional

Pros control the clubface

 and control their shots letting the club do all the work.


This picture defines the term loading up on the back swing. Look how the best golfers hinge their wrists, set the club and create a "slingshot effect" as they strike the ball.
That's Thumbs Up

What you're not seeing
 is how they fire their hands down at the ball,
Thumbs Down at impact.

It's just
Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.
What could be simpler?
Ken Dashow, Radio DJ

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