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The Front Nine edition introduces and features Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE of Golf I created to cure my out of control slice and turn it into a draw overnight, without changing my swing. Trust ME, It's NOT another gimmic! Thumbs Down uses hands, wrists and forearms to put the club in the ideal hitting position for more POWER, distance, accuracy and control. Control your club and control your golf ball.

The Front Nine highlights the importance of squaring the golf club at impact as the #1 swing priority. If the club isn't square, your ball could go anywhere.
The book was designed to provide serious amateur and "everyman" recreational golfers with fundamental information that will help them become better ball strikers in minutes. It was written in a simple language and format that amateurs understand and can relate to, because as a fellow amateur I live in your shoes everyday.

Inside the book you'll see the world's best men and women, lefty and righty pros, from many eras in golf history as they demonstrate their use of
Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE. of Golf (even though they don't call it that).


Front Nine Ebook
Video download:  "The Role of the Hands in the Golf Swing"

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