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It's the real life story about ME; a single digit handicap golfer with an out of control slice. A common characteristic of virtually everyone that plays golf is a strong desire to improve. The book was written to provide serious amateur and "everyman" recreational golfers with fundamental information needed to "Teach Themselves" how-to become better ball strikers in minutes.

The Ebook Preview gives you a snapshot of
Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE of Golf; the miracle  adjustment with the hands at impact that fixed my slice. At the same time Thumbs Down also added POWER, distance, accuracy and control to my game; without changing my swing. The book's main message highlights the importance of squaring the club at impact as the #1 swing priority. Control your club to control your golf ball to enjoy your golf game ...more often.


Have a look; an Ebook Preview
Have a listen; an Audio Preview


The Ebook Preview is a key component of TURN GOLF INTO BUSINESS a comprehensive marketing and business development platform that capitalizes on the POWER and POPULARITY of Golf. Maximize your business success by personalizing the Ebook Preview to make a POWERFUL promotional / branding tool. Utilize the Ebook Preview to maximize the success of your golf events by raising awareness, increasing sponsorship revenue, and creating community goodwill.

In most locations the golf season is limited, but the gift giving season is year-round. "It's the thought that counts." still goes a long way. A goodwill golf gift from you and / or your business using the Ebook Preview is a creative way to Raise awareness, Open doors and Create rapport; PLUS create goodwill for yourself and your business by giving a golf gift any time to any important "golf nut" in your universe: customers, prospects, workmates, family, friends, etc.

pre or post event announcement for golf events. A fundraising tool that gives sponsors added value and a potential return on their generous support, that they're not currently  getting (especially as compared to signage and banner ads).
Raise awareness,
Raise additional funds
Increase enjoyment for all participants,


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