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A Tradition Of Success ...On Their Way To A National Championship

This special web page was created exclusively for UAlbany Football players, coaches and alumni that attended the Golf Tournament on July 12, 2014, as a golfer's goody bag of instructional products created by Alan Martin ME, the place kicker during the 1974 and 1975 seasons. Our team had a combined record of 16-2, including the undefeated season of 1974. Enjoy the following, designed for recreational golfers that want to improve ...with a passion.   

The Front Nine Ebook Edition is the real life story about ME, a single digit handicap golfer with an out of control slice. The Front Nine introduces Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE of Golf, which I invented to cure my slice and turn it into a draw, without changing my swing. It highlights the importance of squaring the golf club at impact as the #1 priority in the golf swing.
If the club isn't square, your ball could end up anywhere. The book was designed to provide serious amateur and "everyman" recreational golfers with fundamental information that will help them become better ball strikers in minutes. It was written in a simple language that amateurs understand and can relate to, because as a fellow amateur I live in your shoes everyday.

Inside the book you'll see the world's best men and women, lefty and righty pros, from many eras in golf history as they demonstrate their use of
Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE. of Golf. To download your PDF Ebook copy of the Front Nine click here.

As you'll see, it doubles as a  value added promotional product and / or an innovative fundraising and sponsorship offering at business, non-profit or charitable golf outings. To see an example of how you can personalize the book's covers and inside content click here.

This link shows how the book also can be used like a bag tag which turns the golf bag into a billboard that showcases your message, company or product.

Please note that the Front Nine edition does not reveal the entire Thumbs Down instructional program. The Pro edition and Pro Plus system packages include ball striking drills, do's and don'ts and virtual training aids you can practice with, then take on the course and use as you play, legally under the rules of golf. They also include a virtual golf lesson; a one-on-one online coaching session with ME. The Pro Plus system includes the complete Pro edition PLUS the Impact Bag, the #1 training aid used by professional instructors when they focus on ball striking at the moment of truth. The Impact Bag can be used outdoors and indoors and is ideal for golfers that live in colder climates (like ME), to keep your game in tune during winter months.

Instructional videos:

The Role of the Hands in the Golf Swing 1.5 minutes

Inside Golf 8 minutes. This video is from my appearance on a weekly golf TV show. After a brief introduction to the Producer of how to execute Thumbs Down, they started filming. What you'll see is the first and only take, where I cure the producer's slice and improve his ball striking.

Turn Golf Into Business:

Comcast Your Morning - 4 minutes. This video is from my appearance on Comcast's morning TV show as the golf / business expert. During the interview we talk about how to take advantage of the power of golf to help open doors, create rapport, bond and build lasting relationships.

My Turn Golf Into Business "TGIB" program encourages getting out on the course whenever it's possible for all of the above reasons. What's unique is how it also offers time and cost efficient alternatives off the course that get positive results and easily fit into today's fast passed lifestyles. Use the link that follows and make sure to scroll down to the section for Colleges, Universities and Schools of Business. Go to TGIB.

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