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 Golf Bag AdTag
A unique promotional innovation
that captures mind-share for hours at a time (over and over)


Golf Instruction Made Simple
Sponsor's Edition

A pocket-sized paperback how-to guide for golfers
that want to improve ...with a passion.
By author Alan Martin.


On the Inside

Features Thumbs Down, The POWER MOVE of Golf; ďThe Missing IngredientĒ that helps amateurs and business golfers play better and more enjoyable golf.
Selected by Golf Channel as a top invention.

There's also pages available
for ads, promotional messages, links to important information, etc.

On the Outside
Itís a powerful promotional and advertising tool that leaves a positive lasting impression. Raise brand awareness by personalizing the back cover using
your colors, logos, special message(s), etc.


(Example of customized back cover)


Makes an ideal gift to distribute at: (A partial list of potential examples)
® Golf tournaments

® Corporate and charity golf outings

® Company meetings and team building activities
® Fundraisers
® Promotional events
® Employee incentive rewards

Capture the Mind-Share
of a captive audience for hours at a time (over & over), in a comfortable and exclusive setting. Build brand loyalty and goodwill with potential and existing customers, partners, vendors and other key people.


Imagine the Opportunities
 by seeing your name and message(s),
hanging on golf bags throughout the U.S.
and around the world.

The Golf Bag AdTag

A unique promotional innovation, that
uses the power of golf, to showcase
your company's brand or cause's message.


Itís Highly Visible.

Works like a Billboard that can be seen every time
a golfer reaches for a club

in their golf bag.

A Friendly & Constant Reminder of
your company or cause during each golferís round

of golf and practice session.




The Golf Bag AdTag comes in
The Cardkeeper

A clear vinyl pouch that keeps
a scorecard, a pencil, the
how-to guide or card,
 dry and protected.


Fits in your back pocket

or attaches to the golf bag
like a bag tag,

(as shown above)


Full Book Cover

 Personalize the book's covers and content on select pages inside.

Contact ME for pricing and details

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