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Chairman's of the Board, CEOs, Presidents, Directors, Managers:
A personal coach to help you and your staff play better business golf

The Problem (Make sure this doesn't happen to you)
You understand the business value of spending hours in a relaxed setting with customers, associates, prospects, colleagues, staff members, and / or other key people. You're invited to play golf at a magnificent and exclusive country club, with a difficult golf course you're not good enough and / or to embarrassed to play. There's not enough time to take a series of lessons and you don't feel that improvement will be quick enough, so you play and embarrass yourself or even worse you decline and
don't take full advantage of a golden opportunity.

The Solution
Improve your golf game quickly and easily by learning Thumbs Down®, The POWER MOVE of Golf. For a positive and satisfying experience, with effective results let ME:

Provide personal one-on-one coaching
Teach you how-to play the best golf of your
Give you the tools to become a better ball
   striker and quickly see noticeable
Cure your slice
• Help you to enjoy playing the game

Highlight the Do's and Don'ts of business golf etiquette
   and best practices

Stress rules you must know and follow, whenever you
   play business golf.
Increase physical activity and reduce stress
Allow you to fully benefit from the explosive business
   power of golf

Directors of Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Sales and Business Development:

Maximum exposure, activity, value and results

The Problem:  Advertising your brand(s) to a mass market using TV or radio is expensive, AND a large portion of your marketing investment goes “right down the drain.” Regardless of how creative and entertaining your commercials are, your audience frequently tunes them out. They become even less effective after consumers see or hear them too many times.

The Solution:
At a fraction of the cost of expensive traditional alternatives, TGIB:

Showcases your brand directly to consumers
   in a fun and enjoyable format
Builds positive lasting relationships with your
   target audience
Provides maximum exposure, activity, value
   and results.
Compliments and leverages (does not
   replace) your current branding methods

Makes more effective use of a portion of your marketing
Gives your company or non-profit organization a more
   predictable  way to increase marketing ROI

Relates well to the everyday golfer, with a “one-on-one”
Increases the value proposition by maintaining constant
   contact and follow-up (two-way communications) with
   event participants
Creates a competitive advantage for your company or

HR professionals and event planners:
Thumbs Down clinics and How2Golf workshops and seminars
offer a fun and entertaining event alternative

In addition, TGIB provides these benefits and more:

 • Creates the best employee experience
 • Promotes employee loyalty, retention, teamwork and camaraderie
Enhances your company’s image, internally and externally
A valuable corporate perk and employee benefit


Sales Directors, Managers and Account Managers
It’s time to use the power of golf to help you increase your sales

Wouldn’t it be great if an experienced sales partner were available to help you create the most profitable experiences for your sales force? Of course it would. It's a no-brainer!

TGIB helps your sales men and women:

Become better business golfers
Sharpen their sales skills, schedule more appointments and close more sales
Differentiate themselves from the competition
 • Re-enforce selling do’s, don’ts and best practices

As a
Regional Sales Manager and Sales Executive for 25 years, I created TGIB after attending too many bad and non-effective sales trainings, that were a waste of both time and money. Do you already have a speaker booked for your next important sales meeting, training or team activity? I’m available to help.

Colleges, Universities and Schools of Business

Teach your students how to take advantage
of the powerful golf / business connection

As a college graduate, I realize how important it is for college students to be prepared with the tools and skill sets they’ll need to succeed in the work force, prior to graduation.  Learn how golf can teach you to apply fundamental life and business skills, networking, business etiquette and best practices, in today's competitive work environment.

provides students with these and other important skills required in the competitive business world:

· Opening doors and establishing rapport
· Listening and qualifying prior to presenting solutions
 • Promoting teamwork and camaraderie
 • Creating networking bonds and building lasting relationships with customers, partners, vendors,
    superiors, colleagues,
    and other key people
 • How-to play better golf and learn the key rules and etiquette best practices for business golf that must be 
The importance of constant contact, follow-up and professional follow-through
 • The ability to bounce back after experiencing disappointment

Teach your students how to take advantage
of the powerful golf / business connection

For the title sponsor, a unique "out of store" environment creates the ultimate “grass roots”sales / marketing environment, that showcases your products, services and brand to a captive world-wide audience of millions, in a user friendly, relaxed, and non-competitive atmosphere



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