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TGIB combines grass roots and high tech methods with a feet on the street and interactive one-on-one focus, that helps you:

Open doors
• Make positive first and long lasting 

• Establish rapport
• Capture mind-share, maintain contact and
   follow-up with your target audience

Create networking bonds
• Build lasting relationships with customers,
   prospects, partners, vendors, colleagues, and
   other key people
• Give you a strong competitive advantage
Provide employees with a valuable corporate
   perk and unique benefit, for a more rewarding
   career experience
• Make you a better business golfer

TGIB takes advantage of a flexible multi-functional design, that benefits the business needs of several areas within an organization, including:

Executive management
Sales and business development
• Marketing, advertising and branding
• Human resources and event planning
• Sales training and business education
• Fundraising, charity and community involvement

TGIB conducts Thumbs Down® The POWER MOVE of Golf clinics and How2Golf seminars at events like these:
·• Corporate and charity golf outings
• Group meetings: sales, marketing, team building, training, etc. (local, regional, national)
·• Employee incentive award trips and executive retreats
• Teamwork building workshops
 • Lunch and learn programs
 • Executive instructional coaching sessions
·• Philanthropic, charitable and fundraising activities                                                    

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