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TGIB is an innovative "grass roots" marketing and
 business development platform for companies.

• Maximize your business success
• Gain an unfair competitive advantage

• Capitalize on the POWER and POPULARITY of golf
• Take advantage of the POWERFUL golf / business connection



TGIB creates the ideal business environmentthat showcases and promotes
 your company, brand(s), products, merchandise and / or services to
captive audiences, in relaxed and non-competitive settings. 

TGIB offers your company a UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE marketing,
business development and branding strategy, for a small fraction
of the cost
of traditional advertising and mass marketing options

...with an ROI that pays for itself many times over.

TGIB's platform also includes these programs:
Fundraising, Education and Instruction

How2Golf was created to Generate Opportunities & build Lasting Friendships that:
Raise Brand Awareness
Open Doors
Create Rapport and Goodwill
Build Lasting Relationships
Network with your target audience,
 Deliver positive results

People do business with people they like!


GET READY for some outside-the-box thinking to help you, your company,
non-profit, charitable or other organization.
DRIVE business growth.
INCREASE sales and profits, brand awareness, goodwill,
customer loyalty,  bottom line results and much more.

your golf outing. Raise additional funds, make it more enjoyable
for your participants, and more beneficial for sponsors.
provides extreme business value and other benefits for:
Corporate Executives and Business Professionals
Sales and Marketing Mangers
HR Professionals and Event Planners
Recreational and Business Golfers
College Students and Faculty
Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

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*TGIB also includes:

Golf Fundraising
Raising Funds and Raising Awareness for your favorite cause(s)
through the power of golf.
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Ontal Corporate Golf Wellness
A unique onsite “beginner friendly” golf instruction program and wellness activity
 for company employees, that compliments their company’s employee wellness initiatives.
Click here

The Future of Golf
An innovative program that helps grow the game

and assure it's long-term health and wellness.
(Available with NDA)


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