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Ken Dashow, Radio DJ - Recreational Golfer

"As an avid golfer and enthusiast in my 70s, I had not thought of using my thumbs as a swing key.
After using
THE POWER MOVE OF GOLF, I found it to be everything a golfer should hope for and need to improve. I'm very pleased with my results, as my ball goes much farther and straighter.
My score card is less and my swing is
SO EASY to duplicate.  Bravo Alan Martin. Thanks!!!"
Ed Miller - Recreational golfer

"The more you read about golf technique, the more you often become bogged down in meaningless jargon and excessive detail.  So for me Alan Martin's  THUMBS DOWN THE POWER MOVE OF GOLF
was an absolute revolution: it's clear, SIMPLE, mechanically sound and IT WORKS!"
Landon Jones - Handicap golfer

Former editor, PEOPLE magazine


"At age 70 I'm playing the best golf of my life! Thanks toTHUMBS DOWN  I'm A BALL STRIKING MACHINE.  Firing at pins, hitting fairways and tagging my 3 wood consistently on par 5s is a pure joy."
Norman B. Ratner

 Recreational golfer


"All good swings have their

(pointed toward the ball) at impact"
Dr. Gary Wiren,
PGA Master Professional

 World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame


"Its almost golf for dummies. There are no confusing words or swing thoughts. 
Dan McCarthy

Head Club Professional


"I went to the range to try it myself
 and it clicked immediately.
 Clive Scarff,
Teaching Professional
 Hit Down Dammit Golf Instruction

Creator of the video
 "The Role of the Hands in the Golf Swing"


"There's nothing not to like
These are the same swing fundamentals
I teach my students, made simple."

Dan Pasternak

Head Club Professional



You have an extraordinary product that takes a critical component of the golf swing and freezes a milli-second of time into a swing thought that simply sticks like glue.Brad C

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 "I was astounded!! At the range today my shots went right down the middle with a gentle draw.  Went to longer irons, more beautiful shots! Dude you got something here, it works and doesn't get any simpler than that. I always knew I have the ability to shoot in the 70's and I am really starting to see it as a possibility."  Michael B



 "The simplicity yet effectiveness of Thumbs Down has greatly improved my swing process and allows me to concentrate on the target instead of all the mind boggling swing mechanics."  Joel F


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