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Become a Ball Striking Machine

 Thumbs Down  The POWER MOVE of Golf

THE MISSING INGREDIENT for better and more enjoyable golf


For less than the cost of a box of premium golf balls.

 TEACH YOURSELF (in just minutes) the same POWER MOVE
 used by the top players and taught by golf's top instructors.

A Trilogy of Packages to Choose

 Front NinePro EditionPro Plus System
Pro Edition Package & Pro Plus System includes:
• eBook

 • Instructional video download

 • Virtual Lesson: A one-on-one coaching session with ME


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Front Nine
Your How-To guide for better ball striking - Part One. An introduction to Thumbs Down The POWER MOVE of Golf, the miracle that cured my out of control slice. Highlights in detail the importance of squaring the golf club at impact as the #1 swing priority. A simple method any golfer can teach themselves in minutes, Thumbs Down uses hands, wrists and forearms to put the club in the ideal hitting position for more distance, accuracy and control.  Numerous illustrations show the world's best players demonstrating their use of Thumbs Down.


• eBook
• Instructional video downloads:  "The Role of the Hands in the Golf Swing" and "Inside Golf".
**Available as a promotional item or for corporate and charity fundraising golf events.

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Pro Edition Value Package - $53.97 (Includes shipping to the domestic US) *GREAT VALUE*

A unique and complete "how to" package for better ball striking. What's in it for you? Increased distance, accuracy and control. Take a virtual golf lesson by replaying the images in your mind as you play. It's your on-course training aid that's legal under the rules of golf. In golf, it doesn't get easier than this!



• eBook with the complete Front and Back Nines
• Drills
• Do's and Dont's

• Instructional video download: "Inside Golf"





One-on-one Virtual Lesson with Alan Martin, Thumbs Down author and inventor.

• Special Report - "Refuse to Lose", The Mental Side of Tournament Golf

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eBook & Video Only - $19.97        *A GAME CHANGING VALUE*  
• eBook with the complete Front and Back Nines                                                          
• Drills
• Do's and Dont's

• Instructional video downloads: "The Role of the Hands in the Golf Swing" and "Inside Golf"


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Pro Plus System - $107 (Includes shipping to the domestic US) *BEST VALUE*
Includes the complete Pro Edition Value Package

• PLUS Dr. Gary Wiren's Impact Bag.


The world’s #1 most used and user-friendly training aid of PGA Professional teachers.


Includes: Instructional DVD

By Dr. Gary Wiren,

 World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame


Also sold separately.
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